At Woolrych Computer Services Ltd we specialise in providing personal service to the home and small business user (& people who work from home), with reliable after sales care, offering a range of used and new PCs and accessories. We also supply and install CCTV equipment for buildings, mobile and remote locations

Woolrych Computer Services Ltd sells computers to the home and business user. 
We provide computer maintenance and repair facilities either in your home, place of work or in our workshop.

We specialise in providing support to small businesses with no in-house capability and those who work from home as well as home users.

We are very good at making things work. 
If we have learnt anything over the years it is that users just want their computer equipment to work. The problem is that there are too many opportunities for this not to happen. We are persistent and will continue with a job until we have found a solution. With so many different operating systems around there are always small anomalies that prevent a system from running as smoothly and reliably as one might wish.

To this end we trouble shoot. There are very few occasions where we have had to admit defeat.

If you have a problem then we will attempt to solve it. 
Slow running computer, infested with viruses, trojans, malware or spyware? We can get it running properly.

We are also very good at making tablets, laptops and mobile phones talk to each other for mobile office work; so you can keep in touch anywhere.

We have a no fix no fee policy (terms and conditions apply)

We can also supply ADSL & FTTC Broadband connections.

Under the current Covid-19 global pandemic situation we are able to keep working.  We have a safe area where equipment can be dropped off.  It will then be sanitized for our safety.  Once we have finished with it it will be re-sanitized for your safety.  Quite a few issues can also be resolved by remote support services.  Provided you have an internet connection we can take control of your computer (not phone or tablet) with your consent over a secure network.  That way neither of us are exposed to any risks. The advantage is that you don't have to come to us and we don't have to come to you.  If you need remote support please telephone first.

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