We're fully equipped and ready to fix your computer or laptop. We have the spares to repair and maintain almost anything within reason. However, in some cases it may not be economical to carry out certain repairs, in which case we will advise. Anything we don't have in stock we can normally get overnight.

We understand the need to fix your computer "ASAP" goes without saying. Our target is to get all repairs fixed within 3 days; sometimes it takes as long as it takes!

We strongly encourage everyone to back-up any important information before you bring your computer to us. If you want us to back-up your data before starting your repair, we will for an additional fee. However, it would be fair to tell you that we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your data.  We'll always do our best to protect it.

Our engineers are available between 9am. and 5pm. Monday to Friday, 
For your really important or urgent jobs outside of these hours, we are available but by appointment only.  We don't operate 24/7 - time off is important.  It may be frustrating and anoying, but you won't cease to exist if your computer doesn't work and kids can exist without the internet.

We charge £40.00 + VAT per hour for onsite repairs + parts and £30.00 + VAT per hour for workshop repairs. Some repairs are fixed price.

We fix PC's & Apple Macs and some tablets & phones. Operating systems from Windows 3.1 for workgroups (yes it still exists!) to Windows 10, iOS, Linux & Android, but not Unix.

Our Repair Service Includes:

  • Back up your hard disk if needed
  • Find out what the problem is if you don't know - hardware. software or both.
  • Work out the cost of the parts needed
  • Work out the cost of replacing the parts
  • Check you have the correct software for the parts
  • Provide an estimate of the time needed.
  • Contact you to make sure you want to proceed.
  • Order any parts and software needed.
  • Replace the parts and reload your operating system*
  • Test and check the parts work
  • Load any additional software you require*
  • Contact you to confirm your computer is fixed

* Please note we will not install pirated or non genuine software - so please don't ask!

Setting up of new PC's and data transfer 
We can setup and configure your new PC so that all you have to do is plug it in at home or we can set it up onsite for you. If you have a new PC with the new Windows 8.1 operating system you might do well to call us as it is not that straight forward to install - we know we've done it!!   And we can put back the START button for you.

We and load your software for you and transfer the data from your old PC to your new one.
Please do not ask us to handle copied or pirated software. We can only handle genuine software.

Home installation 
We are happy to come and install, setup and configure your home PC even if you didn't buy it from us! We can connect up your printer, scanner, internet connection etc. The cost is £40.00 + VAT - Dell charge £68.99 to do the same thing.

PC Crashing or freezing
Often due to software, driver or hardware conflicts or a corrupt operating system.

Software problems
We often come across corrupt operating systems or damaged software.

PC Not booting
This can be caused by a variety of different problems. We can diagnose these and put them right

Hardware failures or upgrades
Nothing lasts forever! Computer parts wear out over time and need to be replaced. We keep a large stock of components. If we don't have it we can get it. We can also fit upgrades to your PC or advise the best course of action

Network installation and maintenance
We have many years of experience of designing, building, maintaining and fault finding with all types of networks both work and home based.

Wireless network installation 
We can come out and install your home wireless network for you. We will scan the local area for other networks and encrypt yours for your protection. We have a lot of experience with wireless networks.

Internet problems
We are ADSL (broadband) suppliers so are well versed with the complexity of setting up and fault finding internet connections and email problems. We often sort out connection problems where foreign based call centres cannot. You get to talk to a human not an automated call centre!  We can also sort out pretty much all the ramifications of other service providers, sometime better than they can!

Virus / Spyware attacks
All computer systems are vulnerable to attacks from the bad guys out there. Some programs are better than others and some hardware is better than others. You get what you pay for! If you have one of those nasty USB modems your PC is wide open to attack. It is as risky as having unprotected sex - you will catch something nasty. We can advise on the best course of action.

Computer maintenance
Computers need regular maintenance in order to perform at their best. A neglected computer could suffer from program crashes, slow performance, system freezes etc. A few hours spent on some basic computer maintenance could prevent problems later on, will improve the overall health of a computer and should also help to improve its performance and security! We offer a PC "MoT" health check - you do it for your car, why not for your computer! We charge £60.00 inc VAT - this price is based on the work being done in our workshop, generally this can take several hours. We charge extra for doing it on site (by the hour).